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Feature-length documentary film in the making "Do the Dance" explores a wild and impactful 1969 indecency trial to tell a broader story about the limits of sexual expression 50 years later. The film is slated for a 2019 release. The trial over "bottomless" dancing at a Northern California beer bar lept on to national headlines after Judge Earl Warren Jr. decided that the jury needed to see the dancer "Do the Dance."

"During the freewheeling Summer of Love, one bottomless dancer went to the top of the witness stand in a trial that tested the limits of free expression. 50 years later, in the midst of celebrity nude selfies and a burlesque revival, this unforgettable court case continues to shape our culture of sexual expression." - Chris Macias, art critic

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“Do the Dance” is a 60-minute documentary exploring the historic Northern California strip club indecency trial that made national headlines when Judge Earl Warren Jr. took the jury to the club and ordered the dancer to "do the dance." The project also uses this precedent-setting trial to explore the modern free expression movement, exotic expression and two American cities’ starkly different responses to adult entertainment.

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