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April 16, 2019

Sacramento Filmmakers Secure Their First Executive Producer

Sacramento filmmakers behind the documentary film “Do the Dance” are pleased to announce that they’ve secured their first executive producer/investor and separate deal an agreement with the production company Framework LA.

“It’s exciting to have our first investor onboard,” said Ed Fletcher, one of the project’s two producers. “It’s validation we’re on the right path.”

“Do the Dance” explores a wild and impactful 1969 indecency trial to tell a broader story about the limits of sexual expression 50-years later.

The trial over “bottomless” dancing at an Orangevale beer bar lept on to national headlines after Judge Earl Warren Jr. decided that the jury needed to see the dancer “Do the Dance.”

The feature-length documentary is being funded through a limited liability company formed the filmmaking team of Fletcher and DQ Hayes.

The team is electing not to name the executive producer/investor at this time.

Under an agreement with Framework LA, the LA-based production company will provide in-kind post-production support including developing the graphics and trailer. While Framework La is a full-service production company they are known for producing trailers for some of Hollywood’s biggest films. Additionally Frameworks’ founder George Cawood with be advising the project. Cawwood grew up in Fair Oaks.

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