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February 21, 2019

Sacramento filmmakers form LLC for 1969 strip trial documentary

The documentary film “Do the Dance” filmmakers recently launched “DTD LLC,” a limited liability company created to fund and monetize the documentary film about Sacramento Pink Pussy Kat trail.

It’s the first legal film company for founders Ed Fletcher and DQ Hayes.

“Investing in your idea is sometimes the scariest thing to do, but I’m confident it will be the most rewarding,” said Fletcher.

In December, the team also launched the website

Feature-length documentary film in the making “Do the Dance” explores a wild and impactful 1969 indecency trial to tell a broader story about the limits of sexual expression 50-years later.

The team was aided in all legal matters and forming the company by San Francisco-based entertainment attorney Lindsy Spiller.

Just as important as a rock-solid agreement is ensuring clients understand them, said Spiller.

Creating an LLC required lots of advanced decision making in structuring the offer, said Hayes.

“We wanted to create a deal that allows us to get this project done on time while protecting our investors’ money,” said Hayes.

While SEC law does not allow for broad discussion of the deal points, we can say that the total project budget is $400,000.

Based on comparables, the subject matter and the growing appetite for a documentary film project, Fletcher and Hayes said they are confident they’ll recoup the investment.

In addition to forming the company and raising funds, Fletcher and Hayes have applied for foundation funds and are reaching out to interview subjects.

The team has also had preliminary discussions with distribution firms and film agents regarding the sale of the project.

“The key now is finding people that believe in ‘Do the Dance’ enough to open up the checkbook or refer the filmmakers to friends who can,” said Fletcher.

The first step would be asking for the marketing plan or an appointment for a presentation from one or both of the filmmakers:

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